Web portal for Fiftyfour residents and an administrator application

How we helped Fiftyfour open and successfully manage their coworking space

Fiftyfour is a coworking space that offers workstations for conferences, events, and offices for teams of 4 to 10 people. IT specialists are among the main users of this coworking space. Fiftyfour is located in the center of Almaty.

The client had plans to open a coworking space, but did not know how to manage it. Therefore, he turned to our partners from the consulting agency Dcom.

After analyzing the situation, the partners suggested developing a web application for booking and an admin panel for managing the coworking space. With this request, the partner turned to us.

Task: Developing a system for booking and managing a coworking space

The main problem was that keeping track of clients in Excel was not effective. To allow clients to book their own spaces in the coworking space, we developed a resident's personal account. Booking requests for the coworking space can be made via the website, phone, or social media, and managers need to somehow mark the booked locations.

Creating the Resident's Personal Account and its Features

A personal account is created for legal or physical entities.
Booking has several statuses: new, for unconfirmed orders; booked but not paid, booking status will reset if not paid; booked and paid.
For preliminary booking, a temporary reservation is made for 24 hours, which the resident must confirm in their personal account, which is automatically created when the first order is placed. The client can choose how to pay for the booking: online or on-site upon visiting.
Through the personal account, users can make new orders or sign contracts with the coworking space for renting more than a month. Contracts are drawn up via the personal account and signed at the coworking space.
Visitors of the booking system can rent a free space in the coworking space for one day or make a complex order that includes a free space for a period of time, a conference room for an hour, and an event hall.

Administrator's profile

The administrator's profile is designed for managing the coworking space. Administrators must track booked locations, check payments, cancel bookings, modify location availability, and turn on/off additional services, such as water and flipcharts in the meeting room. They also generate reports for management on sales volume and coworking space utilization. All of these functions are accessible in the administrator's personal account.
To attract customers, Fiftyfour's marketers come up with promotions, such as "Discount on meeting rooms for workspace tenants." To manage these promotions, we developed features for promotion management. Now, marketers can create promotions themselves in their personal account.
Company managers can view the effectiveness of each manager through reports and monitor their actions through a register.


The end result of our work is a resident personal account that takes into account the specifics of coworking, an administrator personal account, a bot for booking notifications, integration of payment modules and a cash register.

How we did it:

First, we defined the size of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and divided it into four parts, which we managed to complete in three months. Over the next six months, we worked on improvements and enhancements.
Our partners conducted a detailed analysis of competitors and market trends in coworking to determine what features and capabilities our application should have. This helped us determine the functionality of the resident and administrator personal accounts, as well as additional services that we should provide.
We selected the technologies for this project, which included: Vue.js, Laravel, and Laravel Nova.
We also developed a bot for booking notifications that sent notifications to the administrator's email or messenger. This allowed the administrator to quickly respond to new bookings and manage them from their personal account.
We also made sure that the website was user-friendly on mobile devices. To achieve this, we used a Responsive Web Design approach that allowed the website to adapt to different screen sizes.
To ensure user security, we paid special attention to protecting personal data and implementing an SSL certificate on the website.
We integrated payment systems and a cash register from Sberbank for booking and additional services payments.
The location scheme displays all Fiftyfour locations and their statuses on a map. This allows users to quickly choose the location that suits them best and book it through their personal account.

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