иллюстрация кометы, символизирует рост стартапов

Bringing your idea to life

Launch the MVP

Hypothesis testing, rapid launch of the website prototype.

Get a website

Design, development, tests and build automation.

Maintain an existing project

Service integration, troubleshooting and enhancement.

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Updated website design, created a bot to send information about processed transactions and developed a clear billing system for managing subscriptions.


We created an application for coworking management

Developed a space booking management system to improve service and drive sales.

Веб-приложение для коворкингов fiftyfour

J.B. Peterson

Designed and built a 12-language landing page promoting his book ‘Beyond Order’.

Разработка двенадцати лендингов для продвижения книги Джордана Питерсона

Our range of services

Website development from the ground up

We offer a complete website development cycle. Alongside the website, we will also provide full documentation to get it up and running.

вон для процесса разработки иллюстрация круга, начало проектаГрадиентный фон для процесса разработки веб-приложения

Unique CMS or CRM creation

A business management system for you: designed, personalised and optimised. Think personal office for employees, administration panel or electronic document management tool.

Technical support

We'll fix all the bugs in your site and help you get a working product out the door, even when you're on a tight deadline and have an imminent release date.


Our customers are the best, we are proud of the work we do for them and our portfolio is a reflection of that.

Иллюстрация волны клиентов

Fifty Four

Jordan Peterson



Moko Pizza

What we use

HTMX Alpine.JS Laravel TailwindCSS

At the heart of our work is a technology stack we call HALT: HTMX, Alpine.js, Laravel и Tailwind.

It allows us to solve business problems in a swift and clean way, with a minimum of development complexity, focusing only on the desired outcome. This keeps the focus on your idea and its realisation.

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Statamic LogoInertia logoVue.js logoReact Logo

If our HALT approach isn’t quiet enough, we also know how to build a Vue.js or React front-end. However, we only use them when the project has a lot of dynamics, such as gamified applications.

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