12-language landing pages for Jordan Peterson

Development of landing pages for Dr Jordan Peterson — a clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.

Designed and built a 12-language landing page promoting his book ‘Beyond Order’.

About client

Our web studio was hired by Sapient to promote Jordan Peterson’s book in 12 countries through a website. As part of the project, our team worked on programming, adaptive design and banner design for advertising.

One of the key aspects of working with the client was the need for timely task completion. We often worked in «needed yesterday» mode, and sometimes had to work late or even overnight.

Nevertheless, thanks to our professionalism and hard work, we managed to complete the project on time. We are proud to have been chosen to complete this project, and are ready to apply our knowledge and skills to solve any tasks in the future.

Working with Jordan Peterson is a great example of our competence and experience in working with large clients.

Work done


Create landing pages to promote Jordan Peterson's book and provide technical support for each page.

What we did

Created 12 landing pages for audiences in different countries. Each landing page consists of five screens: book presentation, author's biography Jordan Peterson's rules for life in the form of cards, popular videos of lectures and interviews, and information about donations.

jbpeterson.ae — Arabic
jbpeterson.cn — Chinese
jbpeterson.fr — French
jbpeterson.kr — Korean
jbpeterson.com.br — Portuguese
jbpeterson.de — German
jbpeterson.es — Spanish
jbpeterson.in — Indonesian
jbpeterson.my — Malay
jbpeterson.ru — Russian
jbpeterson.co.tz — Swahili
jbpetersonrs.com — Serbian
jbpetersonjp.com — Japanese

Registered domains and connected corporate email. We attached domains to DNS servers and set up resource records.

Set up a server to store data and enabled backup: the client needed to be sure of their safety in case of failure. Users leave personal and payment information on the site, so we took into account the increased requirements for personal data protection.

Connected a donation form - the funds go towards paying the translation team. The user can choose the amount and frequency of donations: make a one-time contribution or set up automatic payments, for example, every month.

Designed video covers and posted content. The pages look harmonious and simple, without distracting from the targeted action.


Our web studio operated as an executor, using Zoom for communication and Trello for task management.

We regularly met with the team to report on the work done and to discuss further steps. We also quickly and efficiently solved any arising issues.

Technologies used

We used the project scheduler Gulp to automate the build, speed up the process, and simplify testing.

Also chose the content management system October CMS, taking into account client's interests and proposing a solution that any user can handle. With October CMS website administrator can quickly add information or edit the menu, and it's almost impossible to make a mistake or break something.


The client received landing pages with support for twelve languages. They help attract an audience not only from English-speaking countries, but also collect donations for the project's development.

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